The Magic of Trustly Play and Play Solution for Operators

The Magic of Play N Play Solution for OperatorsSince Pay N Play Casinos bundles the deposit and registration process, there is no possibility that players register but never deposit. The practice immensely increases conversion, conclusively boosting ROI on acquisition and retention.

Through Pay and Play Casinos, members can make instant deposits and withdrawals, which optimizes the player involvement. And opposed to popular thinking, allowing instant withdrawals can truly boost player loyalty. In fact, according to a fresh study conducted by Trustly, 94% of players said they want a path to instant withdrawals and 80% of players admitted that they would play more frequently with an online casino site that granted them.

The true magic of Pay and Play solution for operators is that it connects instant deposits and withdrawals with data. Through the deposit process, Trustly carries essential player data and passes it along to the operator, who can use it to fulfill primary and continuous KYC requirements. Casino operators can also use this data to pre-fill sign-up forms and create a player account.

Trustly Pay N Play is fully compliant merchandise approved by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) as well as the Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA).

Players have come to expect the seamless experience of Pay N Play everywhere. Join the dozens of Best Play N Play Casino operators already offering it today.

Pay N Play Casino Statistics In NumbersStatistics: Pay N Play Casinos In Numbers

  • +82% Average monthly deposit volumes per player*
  • 128% Ratio of deposits to withdrawals**
  • +124% Average monthly player growth over the first 7 months of a Pay N Play brand

*Statistic is based on the number of bank accounts due to the lack of ID numbers in some countries. **Average of 3 merchants from April to September 2018

According to internal Trustly data, players who have tried PayNPlay Casinos divert 75% of their deposits from traditional online casino gambling sites to Pay and Play Casino sites, which is perhaps the best measure of stickiness.

When Trustly first launched Pay N Play, many operators were suspicious that submitting faster withdrawals could generate financial benefits. But more than two years later, as the game-changing product proves, faster withdrawals coupled with a frictionless player experience is the key to unlocking player loyalty.

How Trustly Pay and Play Solution Works For Players

How Pay N Play Casinos Work

Select the Casino

Click “Play now” on your favorite Pay N Play casino site from our comparison table.

How Pay N Play Casinos Work

Deposit Instantly

Start depositing by selection amount and online banking from your country resident.

How Pay N Play Casinos Work

Login with BankID

Complete your deposit by login into your online bank and verify yourself.

How Pay N Play Casinos Work

Start Playing

Done! You are now registered and ready to play casino games.

How Pay N Play Casinos Work

Instant Withdrawal

When you wish to cash-out your winnings, simple click “Withdrawal” and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

How Pay N Play Casinos Work

You’re Done

Boom! Your winnings will be instantly sent to the bank account that you originally deposit from.

If the player wants to play on Trustly Pay N Play BankID Casino, all a player has to do is make a deposit via online banking. No registration is needed, no filling the forms. When the players make a deposit to the no-account casino, Trustly sends all the necessary information from the players’ bank account to fulfill the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement by the online casino operator. On our page, you’ll find the Fastest Payout Casinos, including bonuses.

The Top Pay’n Play Casinos are also known as a “No-Registration Casinos”, or “casino without registration”, which is inaccurate as a player account is still needed to create, but on the pure pay and play casino model, the operator will form the account on the background while the player makes the deposit. During this process, the casino operator verifies the players’ identity and age, ensuring that the player is allowed to play. Players’ can start playing their favorite casino games without a delay.

When the player wants to cash out, the player can do so with just one click, and the money is sent to their bank account instantly.

Find Best Casinos Here

Playing on the instant pay casinos, powered by Trustly Pay N Play, is never been this easy. There are only a few clicks you need to do in order to play on no-account casinos. Simply follow our step-by-step guide below, and you’re ready to play at the best pay and play casinos in a matter of minutes. Find instant withdrawal casino websites and claim the latest bonuses and free spins at your disposal.

  • Select the casino from our best casinos comparison table
  • Click ‘deposit now’ button on casino menu
  • Enter your deposit sum and click deposit
  • Log in to your online banking system and confirm the payment
  • Claim the bonuses and free spins if available
  • Now you’re ready to play without filling the registration forms
  • Cash-out instantly using Trustly BankID
  • Your winnings will be transferred to your BankID instantly

Pay N Play Solution Increase Player Lifetime Value

Players want casino operators to offer withdrawals instantly + statistics

This sentiment was especially strong in Spain and Poland, where over 90% of players stated they would enjoy the casino experience more with instant withdrawals. And among the more frequent casino players, the desire is even stronger: 87% say they would be happier with instant withdrawals.


Appetite for Faster KYC Process

Appetite for Faster KYC ProcessPay N Play Casinos, as the latest gambling industry innovation, is a new way of gaming online casino games by more efficiently and effectively than before. A new player goes to a Trustly pay and play site that’s integrated with the Pay N Play solution. Rather than filling out registration forms, he or she clicks ‘Play now’ and makes a deposit from their online bank account via Trustly. The best parts of KYC (know your customer) is it uses data that’s already been verified. The solution is more secure to player and operator than the traditional way filling the forms and sending copies of personal identification and bank statements.

The traditional online casino set-up is; register account filling the form, link your credit card to your account, and deposit funds. The KYC process doesn’t happen before the customers withdraw money. The Trustly Pay N Play casino payment solution do KYC process straight away via online banking, so the operators don’t need to process player verifications. The best proof of Pay N Play’s success is that it currently has over 60 casino operators live around Europe.

The Future of Trustly Pay and Play Casinos

The Future of Trustly Pay and Play Casinos

With over 60 Pay and Play-powered casino sites since 2015, there are a fast-growing market for New Pay and Play Casino sites. Operators using the Pay N Play-solution have secured licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority, Sweden’s Spelinspektionen, and the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, and is set to move into Denmark and Netherlands in the coming months.

However, best no account casinos spread has not been seamless and Trustly has faced challenges in educating regulators about the solution, according to Vasilije Lekovic from Trustly. “It hasn’t always been smooth sailing,” he says. “But before we launch in any market we first speak to the regulatory authorities. We’re a licensed financial institution so we go through all the correct channels.”

In the article, Lekovic reveals that when Pay N Play was first presented to the Malta Gaming Authority, the regulator simply didn’t understand it. It was a case of matching how it allowed operators to onboard players to the same process set out in Malta’s gaming regulations.

“The existing [registration process in Malta] has a lot of elements that can be interfered with, but with Pay N Play you could deposit with two-factor identification and have the KYC data coming from the bank – and you cannot easily trick your bank,” Lekovic says.

Pay N Play Casinos is continually being improved to ensure it is available to as wide a range of markets as possible – and in as many forms. For example, Trustly is currently working on in-banner Pay N Play. This takes the Pay N Play technology and integrates it into banner ads. These can be used by operators to redirect punters to betting sites or by affiliates to boost conversion rates. It’s also targeting the retail sector, with a solution recently rolled out in Sweden.

About Trustly as a Company

About TrustlyTrustly Group AB is s Swedish FinTech company, founded in 2008, that creates online banking electronic payments fast, simple, and secure to players and operators. The company offers transborder payments to and from customers bank accounts at over 3,000 banks in 29 European countries. In 2017, the Financial Times ranked Trustly as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe on the FT1000 list. On this page, you’ll find the best performing Trustly Pay N Play Casinos.

Trustly has 180 workers and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with local offices in Spain, Malta, Germany, and the UK. Trustly is a licensed Payment Institution under the surveillance of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Read more at

Trustly Fast Facts

Trustly envisions a world in which paying online is fast, simple, and secure for everyone — merchants, consumers, and banks alike.

Today, Trustly supports thousands of banks across Europe and the US, and their payment solutions attract global merchants in four main segments: e-commerce, travel, financial services, and online gaming.

  • Trustly offers instant payments and transfers between consumer and merchant bank accounts across Europe and the US.
  • Trustly is used by leading merchants across a variety of verticals, including e-commerce, travel, financial services, and gaming.
  • In the wake of PSD2, Trustly is one of three payment solutions recognized by the European Commission and the only regulated provider of overlay technology.
  • In June 2018, Nordic Capital acquired a majority stake in Trustly. Together with its support, Trustly aims to become the leading global online bank payment provider.
  • In December 2018, Trustly surpassed €20 billion in total processed volume.
  • In June 2019, Trustly merged with Silicon Valley-based PayWithMyBank to create a transatlantic payment network.

Trustly Transaction Growth Per Year

Trustly Transaction Growth Per Year Diagram