Slovakia Bans Twitch for Allowing Illegal Gambling Streaming

Slovakia Bans Twitch for Allowing Illegal Gambling Streaming

In an unprecedented move, the Slovakian government has decided to ban Twitch after a streamer was accused of promoting illegal gambling. The ban comes following recent negative feedback from Twitch users across the globe claiming that the platform has done very little to prevent streamers from broadcasting illegal content to viewers of all ages.

While some of that illegal content falls under copyright infringement, an increasing number of streamers also broadcast themselves playing casino games such as online slots and poker, which is sometimes against local gambling laws and regulations as is the case in Slovakia.

Slovakian streamer dDanis has built a following of over 35,000 on Twitch and regularly broadcasts himself playing slots online and offering discount codes to followers who sign up with operators or online casinos that he actively promotes. However, during one of his most recent broadcasts, he switched to playing online poker.

According to a Slovakian website, Zive switch to online poker alerted the authorities and resulted in a court order blocking any activity from dDanis’ Twitch profile appearing online. The Gambling Authority then decided that a complete ban of the platform was the next logical step and since then many of the nation’s top internet service providers have blocked the platform.

Slovakia has some of the strictest laws in Europe regarding the promotion of online poker and while the ban may seem excessive, there’s no indication that it will be repealed or relaxed at any time in the near future.

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