Operators: How to Implement Trustly Pay N Play

There are 2 main models of Trustly Pay N Play® Pure and Hybrid. In the Pure model, Trustly is the single registration and payment method, and there’s a “Resume Playing” feature that enables players to return and log in with a single deposit. In the Hybrid model, Trustly is one of many registrations and payment methods. Every model has its benefits, though Trustly’s data reveals that brands that implement the Pure model have the largest success. Implementing both models of Pay N Play® is simple, and if the operator has already integrated Trustly’s standard deposits and withdrawals, it’s even simpler. In general, integration only requires a few API calls and a bit of front-end development. Depending on the operator’s available resources, this can be done in as little as a week.

Trustly’s integration team plus a dedicated Pay N Play® expert will provide assistance during the process, advising on best practices to ensure it has the expected impact. Contact them to learn more details about Pay N Play® implementation.

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