How Do Casino Streamers Make Money on Twitch (5 Ways to Earn)


In this article, you’re going to learn How Do Casino Streamers Make Money on Twitch. These 5 ways to earn can bank you some serious money by streaming casino games.

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  • 5 ways that casino streamers earn money
  • How much casino streamers can make
  • How you can make money by streaming casino games

So if you want to know how can you and other casino streamers make money online, you’ll love this article. You can also read first: How to stream casino games on Twitch.

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5 Ways Casino Streamers Make Money

List of five ways how casino slots streamers make money on Twitch.

1. Paid Subscriptions

On Twitch, viewers can subscribe to any channel for a fee.

The subscription costs from $2.99 to $5.00 depending on the channel. Twitch is taking about a half from subscriptions to itself, and the rest of the amount is given to the streamer.

So for example, if the casino streamer has 1000 monthly subscriptions, with the costs of $3.00 each, the streamer will get around $1.50 per subscription, multiplied by 1000 = $1500 per month.

Viewers tend to subscribe to channels they regularly watch and support the streamer. In return, subscribers get often some privileges, like unique sets of emojis or smileys for a chat. Some streamers tend to offer raffles as well, which are only for subscribers.

2. Donations

Viewers can usually donate some money to streamers. This is not so common trend when it comes to casino streaming, since they are after all – gambling money.

There are some moral obstacles according to some Top Twitch Casino Streamers, and they’re not allowing donations for viewers. Some don’t even accept subscriptions.

However, some casino streamers allow donations via PayPal, and viewers sometimes tend to support the channel by donating a few bucks.

There are basically no limits or averages to donations, so the income purely depends on how charitable the viewer likes to be. Commonly viewers will donate money from $1 to $10.

3. Twitch Advertising

Some casino streamers allow Twitch video advertising via Partnership.

Before the start of the stream, Twitch shows a short video commercial. These commercials can also be rotated from time to time during the broadcast.

Twitch casino streamers will earn from $2 to $3 for several thousand views. This is not the highest income source for streamers, but it still contributes to some income.

Most Twitch casino streamers record their sessions and big wins, and upload the videos to Youtube or Vimeo. The advertising on these other platforms creates also income.

4. Affiliate Programs

The main and most important income source to casino streamers comes from affiliate programs. These programs allow streamers to refer viewers to online casinos and gather money from their registrations or percentage of players’ expenses.

The casino streamer has usually multiple offers on their Twitch Widget board, which has affiliate tracking links. These links use browser cookies and tracks every clicks and registration that viewers make.

If the viewer register to some of these advertised casinos, the streamer will get income from the actions. Basically this income comes from two different models:

CPA (Click-Per-Action)

Online casinos pay to streamers from every registration and/or depositing customers they refer to the site. Basically the amount is somewhere around $10 to $100 per action.

It purely depends on what kind of CPA deal the streamer has with the casino, and from which action the CPA commission will be paid.

CPA model is an one time fee that the streamer will receive.

Revenue Share

This is the basic model that every casino affiliate program uses.

So if the viewer clicks the offer which has affiliate tracking link, register an account to referred casino, and deposit funds, the streamer will get from 20% up to 60% of all the player losses that he or she generates.

For example, you register and deposit $100 to the referred casino, and you lose all the money. This generates up to $60 of commission to the streamer.

So, when comes to affiliate programs and streamers income from this source, the sky is the limit. The more players the streamer can refer to the casinos, the more commission he will be paid. This is the most popular and profitable income source for casino streamers.

Just another revenue share example: you refer 100 depositing customers to X casino, they all deposit $100, they all lose the deposits, which generates $10.000 income to the casino, and up to $6.000 for the streamer.

Revenue share model is lifetime long fee, which is paid monthly basis.

5. Native Advertising

Many casinos are trying to contact casino streamers to play on their site. They tend to even pay to the streamers if they just simply play on their site. Some software providers can even pay to the streamers of playing their newly released casino slots.

Often these casino companies don’t pay direct money to the streamer but instead offer huge CPA deals and higher revenue shares from their affiliate program.

Sometimes these casinos tend to offer streamers deposit bonuses to their casinos as well.

In some cases, the streamer doesn’t have the ability to withdraw the full amount of winnings, but a certain percentage only, due to high deposit bonuses.


The audience of casino streams seems to be growing every year. Slots are not though breaking into leading positions on Twitch, but they have growing numbers of viewers every day and week. They occupy a stable position among the popular computer games and the popularity of this niche does not fall over time, but only grows. Many casino streamers tend to play on best-rated casino sites, which allow players from multiple countries to play online.

Owners of online casinos should use the features of this as a marketing tool. Sponsoring streamers allows you to quickly attract interested audiences to new projects. This is an effective advertising channel, the cost of which in the future will only grow.

As a casino streamer, you are able to earn several hundred or even thousands of dollars every month by using these 5 elements shown above to make money.

What it comes to the ultimate top casino streamers on Twitch, some are easily making tens of thousands of dollars via affiliate programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Casino streamers make money?

It depends on various factors like; how many paid subscriptions the streamer has, does his channel shown video advertisement, is he a Twitch partner, does he use affiliate programs to promote online casinos, and do the streamer gets a lot of donations. The top Twitch casino streamers make an estimated between $10.000 and $50.000 per month.

How much does the average casino streamer make money?

On average, the casino streamer can make between $1.000 and $5.000 per month. The pro streamers who play over 40 hours per week, can make up to $3.000 solely on paid subscribers. This does not include other earnings like from affiliate programs and advertising.

How much do small twitch casino streamers make money?

On average, a small Twitch casino streamer has around 100 and 200 paid subscriptions. This will generate income somewhere around $500 per month. If the casino streamer gets donations and revenue share from affiliate programs, he or she will generate income up to $2000 per month.

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