German State Treaty to come into effect nationwide after Nordrhein-Westfalen approval

The parliament of the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen has approved Germany’s Gambling State Treaty, Der Glücksspielneuregulierungstaatsverag (GlüNeuRStV) today, making it the final state to do so.

This approval is critical to the GlüNeuRStV’s rollout as the treaty will now take effect in all 16 federal states from July 1 2021.

Sachsen-Anhalt was the fifteenth state to approve the treaty, meaning the new regulatory body would be located in its city of Halle by 2022. This body will be able to monitor users’ activity to ensure all play is legal by offering test purchases and blocking IP addresses.

The GlüNeuRStV was first authorized by German states’ heads of state in March 2020. The treaty will expand Germany’s nationwide igaming offerings beyond online betting to online casino games.

However, certain parts of the treaty have been controversial.

Slots will be restricted to a €1 stake limit per spin, with a spin speed average of 5 seconds.

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