BOS Urges Sweden to Lift Deposit Cap in September

The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) has written to the country’s government requesting that temporary online casino restrictions such as a deposit cap for online casinos be lifted earlier than scheduled.

The restrictions were due to be eased on 14 November, but, after the government announced during a press conference that all general pandemic-related restrictions would be lifted on 29 September, BOS argued the online casino rules should be lifted on the same date.

The restrictions were first imposed in July 2020 and were extended several times despite initial plans to lift them at the end of the year.

They included a SEK5000 deposit cap, and a time limit on playing slots and casino games at licensed operators.

In the letter, BOS secretary-general Gustaf Hoffstedt said: “The fact that the government announced on 7 September that most of the general restrictions will be removed from 29 September this year is, of course, an even clearer signal of the government’s ambition to return Sweden to a normal situation.

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